Beverage Corrugated Box - P077  |   candy packaging box - P088  |   Corrugated Box - P073  |   Food Polygon Paper Bag - P007  |   Mosquito Paper Box - P065  |   Paper Bag Gift Box - P060  |   tin Paper label - P010  |   Tissue Paper Box - P011  |   Toy Packaging Box - P050  |  

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Quanzhou, where did you get the ...
  [Box Structure]
  4 Box Structure  
  [Paper Box]
  4 Candy Box  
  4 Food Box  
  4 Cosmetic Box  
  4 Tissue Box  
  4 Mosquito Packaging Box  
  4 Medicine Box  
  4 Other Paper Box  
  [Corrugated Box]
  4 Pizza Box  
  4 Toy Box  
  4 Electronics Packaging Box  
  4 Food Packaging Box  
  4 Beverage Packaging Box  
  4 Electricity & Industrial Packaging Box  
  4 Other Corrugated Box  
  [Unique Box]
  4 Unique Box  
  [Paper Label & Hang Tag]
  4 Paper Labe & Hang Tag  
  [Gift Box]
  4 Gift Box  
  [Paper Bag]
  4 Paper Bag  

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Founded in 1997, Fujian Jinjiang Qunhui Printing Co., Ltd. is located in Bacuo High-tech Industrial Zone, Yonghe, Jinjiang, Fujian Province. Now our company covers an area of 30,000square meters and our total investment is over 80 million RMB. Over these 10 years, our company has brought up a number of highly qualified management persons. We own new Heidelberg CX-102 six color printing maching,Heidelberg CD-102 five color printing maching and many after-printing machine. We are one of the famous printing company in China...

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  Box Structure
Qunhui Printing Company is a custom manufactuer. The custom cartons are designed and made to customer specifications. You can select the kind you like, and tell us your favour.

  Paper Box
Paper Box Packaging in large part for its beautiful shape and decor to promote landscaping products, improve product competitiveness. Because of the structural design of box shapes and the shape of the packaged products, so it has a lot of style and type: rectangular, square, polygonal, shaped boxes, cylindrical, etc., but the basic manufacturing process the same, materials choosing - icon designing - printing - template creating - pressing - box gluing.

  Corrugated Box
Corrugated box is small, assembly of folding carton boxes, which is mainly used in food, health products, fruits, vegetables, eggs, frozen aquatic products, small appliances, instruments, toys and other small size, light weigh sales package . This type of packing boxes either have the ordinary color printing paper box beautiful, but also play a good product protection.

  Unique Box
The unique boxes has its own shape, such as:triangular, diamond, trapezoidal, pentagonal, hexagonal, octagonal, cylindrical, semi-circular, book and other shapes. The structure of this paper box is an arc, line cutting and surface alternating combination to lay out the packaging style. Shaped box has the advantage of novelty, beauty. Because of its unique shape, it often greatly increases the product level.

  Paper Label & Hang Tag
Paper Label is most printing on the Art Paper,it is mainly used for the outer decoration of tin.It not only introduce the product,but also beautify the packaging.Hang Tag is most composited with paper board and board paper.It is used for the promotion of products in the Super Market.

  Gift Box
Gift box is beautifully packaged products, to improve the landscaping of product and the brand of exquisite degree. For the productions' value-added and sales,gift box plays a vital role. It is popularly to cosmetics, high-grade product and company promotional products.

  Paper Bag
Paper Bag is useful for laying goods. From the bag printed packaging to use, paper bag not only provides convenience for the shopper, but also takes the opportunity to re-sell the product or brand. The bag will be designed and attractive, even if the bag printed with eye-catching trademarks or advertising, the customer will be happy to re-use, this bag has become the most efficient but inexpensive advertising medium.

color printing hang tag - P009  |   Beverage corrugated Packaging Box - P054  |   candy packaging box - P354  |   Cosmetic Packaging Box - P347  |   Cosmetic Paper Box - P338  |   Facial Tissue Paper Box - P051  |   hexagon paper boxes - P380  |   P035 - Paper Gift Box  |   P040 - Heart Shape Gift Box  |   Paper Box for Mosquito - P091  |   Pizza Delivery Box - P338  |   The Pizza Box - P343  |   Toothpaste Box - P339  |   wrapping paper box - P392  |  

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